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Pesawat Telepon
Pesawat Telepon kabel & wireless

Telepon Wireless Panasonic KX TGC210

Frekuensi : 1.91 - 1.92 GHz
Jumlah Channel : 60 channel
Caller Id : Bisa (harap hubungi provider telepon anda untuk aktivasi)
Jumlah memori Caller Id : 50
Blok Telepon : Bisa, maksimal 30 nomor
Memori buku telepon : 50 nomor
Baterai : Ni-MH (AAAx2)
Waktu Bicara : Sampai 10 jam
Konsumsi Power : 0.6W
Telepon Wireless Panasonic KX TGC210Detail Produk


Harga: Rp.550.000

Commax Video Door Phone

Model : CDV-35N
Input telpon : AC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power telpon : 7W
Power interkom : 12v 260 mA
Layar : 3.5" TFT LCD
Dimensi : 101 mm x 142 mm x 32 mm
Fitur :
Buka - tutup kunci
Support 2 kamera

Harga: Rp.2.550.000

HT Baofeng BF-888S

Handy Transceiver Radio UHF
Model : BF-888S
Input : AC 110v-240v/50Hz
Baterai : DC 3.7v 1500 mAh
Power: Maksimal 5W
Frekuensi : 400-470 MHz
Include: Headset+Microphone, beltclip, Docking charger
Ekstra fitur :
- Led Senter

Cocok untuk radio komunikasi Event Organizer, pendaki gunung, Proyek, security

HT Baofeng BF-888SDetail Produk

Harga: Rp.470.000

Sale / Discount - motorola s1201


Range (Indoor/Outdoor)1: Up to 50m/300m
Availability: Singapore, Vietnam
Colour: Black
Gap Compatible
Multi-Base/Handsets: 5 bases / 5 handsets
Out-of-Range Warning Tone


Hands-Free Speakerphone
Phonebook: 50 name and number phonebook
Call Waiting2
Import from CID Memory to Phone Book
Maximum Phonebook dial length: 24 digits
Maximum RediaL DiaL Length: 32 digits
Name Character Length: 12 characters

Harga: Rp.675.000
Harga: Rp.575.000
Hemat: Rp.100.000

Sale / Discount - Motorola cordlless C601

The Motorola C601 cordless telephone has large buttons and simple interface to make it an easy to use and accessible phone. Finished in a classy black design, it is both sleek and uncluttered - ensuring it will look great in any room. 50 name and number memories. 10 ringtones. Last number redial. Caller ID. Call log. Call transfer. Call waiting. Conference call. Speaker and ringer volume control. Large display. Up to12 hours talktime/250 hours standby. Up to50 m indoor range/300 m outdoor range. Out of range indicator. Low battery indicator. Recyclable packaging.
Berat : 1 kg

Harga: Rp.625.000
Harga: Rp.525.000
Hemat: Rp.100.000

Sale / Discount - Motorola cordlless C001

The Motorola C1 is stylish, easy to use and great value. Incorporating all the essential cordless calling features, the C1 will meet all your home calling needs.

Large Black & White alpha-numeric display.
50 name and number phonebook.
Microphone mute.
Ringer tones.
Caller ID / Call waiting.



GAP compatible
Multi base / Handset - Up to 5 handsets
Base station / Handset security
Range Indoors / Outdoors - Up to 50m / 300m
Dialling mode - Tone / Pulse
Page from base to handset
Out of range warning
Handset power On/Off
Ability to name handsets
Keypad lock

Display & Menu Features

1 line Black & White alpha numeric - 14 segments
Clock / Alarm
Call timer
ECO mode for power saving
Choice of 17 display languages

Sound / Audio

5 Polyphonic ringer melodies
5 Monophonic ringer tones
Base ringer volume control - 5 levels and Off
Handset ringer volume control - 5 levels and Off
Handset reciever volume - 5 levels
Keytone On/Off


50 name & number phonebook
Phonebook matching on incoming call
Caller ID - Type I / Type II
40 entry calls list
Calls list time / Date stamp
Redial memory - 10 entries
Copy calls list / redial entry to phonebook
Secrecy (mute)
Auto-talk / Standby
Recall / Flash
Pre-dialling facility
Three-way conferencing
Call transfer between handsets
Intercom between handsets
Last number redial length - 32 digits
Phonebook name length - 12 characters
Memory number length - 24 digits
Handset name length - 10 characters


Energy efficient power supply
2 x Ni-MH battery cells
Low battery warning
Talk time and Standby time - up to 10hrs / 200hrs

Answering Machine

Voice prompts
2 outgoing messages - Answer & Record / Answer Only
Total digital recording time - 12 minutes
Call screening
Call intercept
Memo messages
Message indicator - 1 x red LED
Message full indication
Private playback via handset
Ring delay selector - 2-9, Time Saver
Remote Access
Motorola cordlless C001Detail Produk

Harga: Rp.525.000
Harga: Rp.425.000
Hemat: Rp.100.000

Sale / Discount - telepon wireless LG GE21858

Operation instruction in 10 languages
Call transfer / forwarding
Automatic call answering on/off
Phonebook group function (6 groups)
Color display
Phonebook for 100 entries with 3 numbers each name
Extended redialing for 20 call numbers
Caller ID function ( Depend On Telkom ) with 40 names/numbers
Microphone and ringer muting function
Low battery and out of range indicators
Key lock
Key tone on/off
10 incoming call ringing melodies
Ringing volume controls (5 levels)
telepon wireless LG GE21858Detail Produk
andset Operating Time : 10 hours talk time
100 hours standby
AC / DC Adapter : Input : 230V AC / 50Hz
Output : 7.5V DC, 320mA
Telephone Connection : EN 60950 Standart
Rechargeable Battery : GP60AAAHC, 1.2V / 600mAH / Ni-MH
2x AAA or eqivalent

Harga: Rp.412.500
Harga: Rp.330.000
Hemat: Rp.82.500

Intercom COMMAX WI-2B

A complete, technically advanced in home comunication system
This new 2 way FM wireless intercom is amost every home, ofic or necessary where comunication or monitoring is necessary
excellent clarity of sound
no installation or batteies required just plug into AC outlet and talk.
press CALL to page another room
press TALK to converse
countinously monitor location by using LOCK button
for large homes or offices, additional units may be added to expad your system
compatible with COMMAX wireless Intercom

colour : white

Harga: Rp.390.000

Intercom Commax TP-6AN

Intercom model gagang
Dapat dipasang hingga 6 unit
Adaptor DC 12V
Jarak 100m
Indikator pemanggil
Fungsi privacy/rahasia

Berat : 800 gram

Harga: Rp.428.500

Panasonic kx-ft981 Fax

Telepon dan mesin fax
Compatibility: G3
ADF: Yes
Modem Speed: 9.60 kbps
Transmission Speed: 15 seconds
Overseas Mode: Yes
Delayed Transmission: Yes
One-Touch Dialing: Yes
Phonebook: 100
Tone Switching: Yes
Mute: Yes
Dimension: 352.00 x 224.00 x 121.00 mm

Berat : 3000 gram

Harga: Rp.1.050.000

Telepon Sahitel S88

Auto hang up
Handsfree speakerphone
Auto redial
Caller ID

Berat : 650 gram

Harga: Rp.150.000

Telepon Sahitel S76

Nada tunggu
Fungsi kalkulator
Speaker phone

Berat : 750 gram

Harga: Rp.144.000

Telepon Caller ID Sahitel S35

Menampilkan nomor masuk dan keluar
Indikator panggilan, new call, repeat

Berat : 420 gram

Harga: Rp.120.000

Telepon Panasonic KX-TS505

Fungsi redial
Dapat dipasang di dinding
Volume nada dering dapat diatur

Berat : 550 gram

Harga: Rp.175.000

Telepon Panafone 163

Telepon geser
Nada ringtone bermacam-macam
Fungsi redial nomor terakhir

Berat : 250 gram

Harga: Rp.80.000

Telepon Mikomi SX7R

Telepon dengan fungsi hanya menerima
Tidak dapat melakukan panggilan keluar

Berat : 200 gram

Harga: Rp.65.000

Produk ini habis terjual.

Wireless Panasonic 3128

2 unit telepon dan 2 charger
Penyimpanan 50 nama dan nomor telepon
Durasi baterai 15 jam waktu bicara

Berat : 750 gram

Harga: Rp.850.000

Wireless Panasonic TG1611CX

Penyimpanan 50 nama dan nomor telepon
Termasuk 2 handset
Durasi baterai 15 jam waktu bicara
Lapisan anti bekas sidik jari

Berat : 350 gram

Harga: Rp.400.000

Sale / Discount - Wireless Panasonic TG1311CX

Kapasitas 50 nomor
Jam, Alarm
Key Lock
Call Restriction
LCD Backlight - Orange
Conference Call
Charge Time - 7 Jam
Standby Time - 120 Jam
Talk Time - 17 Jam
Wireless Panasonic TG1311CXDetail Produk

Harga: Rp.449.900
Harga: Rp.400.000
Hemat: Rp.49.900